Meet The Staff at Stover Physical Therapy

Don Stover

Don Stover Pt

Don Stover was born and raised in Moore/South Oklahoma City graduating from Moore High School in 1986. He graduated from Langston University in 1994 with a BS in physical therapy. In 2011 he earned a doctorate degree in physical therapy (DPT) from A.T. Still University. He is certified through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS) as a Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy (OCS).

Don was the first healthcare provider in the Oklahoma City metro area to become credentialed in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) aka The McKenzie Method. His entire career has been focused on outpatient orthopaedic physical therapy, with a special interest in the spine. In 2007 he established Stover Physical Therapy. ​Don has been a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and Oklahoma Physical Therapy Association since 1992. 

​Kelly Stover

​Kelly Stover

​Kelly Stover has over 10 years of experience with insurance billing, collecting, and front office management. She is a very organized and personable office manager that many of our patients enjoy visiting with.

Stover Physical Therapy Patient Testimonials 

Dr. Stover evaluated my back condition and developed a method of treatment. After two visits my pain was nearly gone and I was able to sleep thru the night. Thanks to Don my life I see returning to normal. A.S.

​Dr. Stover is an amazing physical therapist and he and his wife make it very comfortable for you in every way possible. I came here after my knee surgery and I’m now basically back to normal. If you need a physical therapist, I would definitely recommend him for your physical therapist needs!

I came to my first therapy visit stooped over about a 45 degree angle and using a crutch. I left that visit standing erect and I have not needed the crutch again. I continued to improve my next 2 visits. I went back to work after my 3rd visit. After my 4th visit the pain in my left leg was gone. I have just finished my 5th visit, and feel great! No pain or numbness in my left leg and just a slight pain in the middle of my back
Gary Mercer

When I first came in to start PT I was in a lot of pain in my lower back. I couldn’t walk, sit,stand, or lie down without a lot of pain. After 6 visits of PT I barely have any pain in my lower back. I am amazed and thankful. Physical therapists are miracle workers
Lisa Gorrell

Don is fantastic. I was in so much pain and the equipment he used was scary at first, but worked wonders! Don gave me a lot of exercises that I can also do at home. I would come here again if needed, but hopefully won’t have to.
Janice Gallarneau

I was well treated Dr. Stover and found him to be an extremely professional, courteous, and positive physical therapist. I am very pleased with my results and would recommend Dr. Stover to anyone! I have been given the tools and education to continue on with my life with a new and hopeful outlook for the quality of my life to improve immensely.
Tim White

My experience with Don Stover PT has been pleasant despite my reason for coming. When I started PT my knee would not support me. I can now walk normally. I have learned what exercises I need to do to keep on working on my knee strength and stretching my back.
Ann Boyd

When I started seeing Don Stover PT I couldn’t chew gum or eat anything without horrible jaw pain. I started to think I would never stop hurting. After 6 visits I feel great! Now I can do all the normal things again without any pain!
Tina Straughn

During my therapy with Don Stover, I feel my recovery from hip replacement surgery was hastened tenfold. Don challenged me to levels that improve my strength as well as instilling total confidence in a complete recovery. Don and his staff are professional, courteous, and create a pleasant atmosphere. I thank them for their fine work and would recommend them highly.
Jim Yourman

Dr. Stover is the most knowledgeable doctor I ever met. I went to his office for lower back treatment. I could barely do anything. I was in terrible pain. He developed a physical therapy plan to help me recover. Under his guidance, I was able to quickly regain my social life and go back to marathon training. I am so grateful!
Dean M.

The experience I had with Don Stover PT exceeded my expectations. In the initial evaluation, Don recognized my problem (previously undiagnosed) and set forth an ambitious agenda. He was both firm and encouraging. A great motivator! I mentioned a previous physical problem area with ongoing concerns; he addressed those concerns and added therapy with positive physical and psychological results. The staff was always pleasant, friendly, and scheduled appointments were on time! Active one on one attention was the norm. Sincere appreciation to all of you for my greatly improved well being.
Suzanne Heiderich

When I first was referred to Don Stover for PT, I was in almost constant pain in my shoulders and neck. The pain disrupted my daily activities and sleep pattern. I have been pleasantly surprised that in just a few visits to don my pain was gone. My range of motion is much improved as is my quality of activity and sleep.
Sheri Walton

I had pain in my neck, back area for over 2 years. I had been to 2 other physical therapists and a chiropractor with little or no relief. After the 3rd visit with Don Stover, my pain was gone and the numbness in my hands and arms also stopped. I will continue the exercise plan he gave me. This is the best I have felt in a long time! Thank you!
Pam Wyatt

My neck pain has given me problems for years but when the pain escalated to my shoulder, arm, and hand, and pins and needles sensations came to my hand and arm, I started PT with Don Stover. He evaluated my problem thoroughly and after 5 visits the pain has gone away and the tingling/numbness in my hand has subsided significantly. The exercise he taught me has allowed me to resume my normal daily activities and have a good night’s sleep.
Peggy Pierce

Upon completion of my 4th marathon, I was devastated to realize that I could not even run 800 meters without being overcome with knee pain. I did what logically seemed appropriate and just stopped running altogether with high hopes that rest would bring relief. I began a vicious cycle involving: sitting out for a month, attempting to run, and failing. My primary care physician recommended Don Stover PT to me, which turned out to be a true blessing in my life. My experience with Don was absolutely wonderful, he properly diagnosed me the 1st day, and immediately put me on a plan to help me reach my goal of running 2 miles without pain. From the beginning I felt Don sincerely cared about me getting better. Miraculously, through his expertise, that is exactly what happened. Each session we worked diligently on stretching and strengthening exercises and my condition improved daily. Eventually my joy was restored as I successfully completed 2 miles. I am now up to 3 miles and quite confident that it would not have been possible if not for my experience with Don Stover.
Amber Clark

I am extremely satisfied with the service and quality of care I received from Don Stover PT. Don was able to quickly diagnose my back problem and explain the cause. He worked one on one with me to show me exercises and posture issues to correct the problem and alleviate pain. After 4 visits, I am equipped with techniques and knowledge that should prevent future back problems. I am very grateful and would highly recommend don to those in need of physical therapy.
Stacy Spiva

When I first came in I was locked up badly. I had very limited mobility as well as a lot of pain. After 2 visits I had greatly increased mobility, and now have much less pain. I feel the therapy I received helped me greatly. The information I received about back care was helpful. I plan on continuing to use the information at home to keep improving my back problems.
Travis Rose

My experience with physical therapy has been very good. My physical therapist, Don Stover helped me with neck exercises, posture training, and other techniques that have made a very big change in the frequency and intensity of my headaches. When I feel a headache coming on I can do these neck exercises and it seems to relieve the pressure. The special neck roll I use in my pillow to sleep with, took the pain away that I always had in the mornings. Thank you!
Beth Nawotka

After surgery in my shoulder to repair a torn rotator cuff, I had no use of my right arm. After therapy with Don Stover, I have complete use of my arm. I also had trouble walking because of my right knee, after a few treatments, I no longer have so much trouble walking. He did a great job of therapy on me.
Charlene Sheeler

I was recently diagnosed with spinal stenosis. The orthopedic surgeon said I could either do surgery, injections, or try physical therapy. I told him I wanted to try therapy first. He sent me to Don Stover. It was one of the best things he could have done for me. Don started me on the McKenzie treatment. When he first told me what to do I thought it was crazy, but it made my back feel so much better. During the time Don worked with me he found that I also had breathing problems that limited my ability to walk caused by an undiagnosed heart condition. I appreciated him helping me also improve my endurance, while closely monitoring my vitals during the process. I can now walk 30 minutes without stopping due to shortness of breath. I would have never have believed I could do it, but I did!
Maudena Fisher

I feel like you guys really know and understand what is wrong with me. You always fix it!
Emily Boatman

I was sent to Don due to having a herniated disc with a pinched nerve, causing back and leg pain. I started out only being able to touch ¾ the way down my thigh with significant pain. Now I can touch the floor from standing with the knee s straight with no pain! Don has given me hop of recovery and has proven it. There are things I can do now that I haven’t been able to do in over 6-7 years, Thank you.
Mike Williams

​Stover PT is the best! I appreciated Don’s knowledge, patience, and individual attention. He works one on one, and never just left me doing PT on my own. Thanks Don, see you again after next surgery.