Why Stover Physical Therapy?

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Individualized Personal Treatment

Those of you who have been to other physical therapy offices in the past may be familiar with this scenario. You show up for your first visit and are evaluated by a competent licensed PT whom you like and look forward to working with, but when you show up for your follow-up visit the person you are scheduled to see is someone completely different. This person is usually a less experienced or less knowledgeable PT, or even worse the person may not be a licensed PT at all, perhaps an assistant or even an unlicensed aid or technician.

You keep returning for more follow up visits despite limited progress being made with your ailment and inconsistent and at times counterproductive treatments being delivered by the varying staff members you have been passed between, not seeing the evaluating PT you wanted to work with again until your last visit (the “re evaluation visit”). By this time you have lost faith in the rehab profession, and just want to be done with this circus all together! Unfortunately, the above scenario is a common practice in the outpatient rehab field. This is one of the reasons I chose to become a solo PT in private practice.

Most sessions usually last about 1 hour and typically consist of varied amounts of therapeutic exercise, manual therapy techniques, patient education or instruction, and if necessary, thermal electrical agents. ​Upon discharge each patient is taught appropriate and realistic strategies to minimize recurrence of their pain and/or disability.